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Ammunition Couture is now introducing Rubber Luxe, our new line of heavy rubber accessories and all are handmade.


A variety of Rubber Luxe accessories will be offered from our heaviest of designs like the Double Buckle cuff to our more sophisticated looks such as the Bebette, Ravonette and Terese designs as well as the lapelled Proper Posture Collar and matching cuffs.  Our exclusive inventory will include a wide selection of cuffs, collars, posture collars, gauntlets and harnesses. Also in work are designs that include masks, muzzles and hoods.


We are always adding new designs to our inventory and please note: all designs are handmade and unisex. 


....cliche' crushing ... cruelty free ...

Rubber Luxe - Heavy Rubber

Ammunition Couture


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Let us know if there is anything bespoke you long for or if there is any feedback you wish to give!


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