Latex bra with lace up high waisted pencil skirt and gauntlets.  Accessorized with three piece tulle arm and shoulder ruffs.

Trussed transparent pouf

  • This couture look is comprised of several custom components from the the semi transparent bra with black detail to the lace up pencil skirt and gauntlets. The tulle ruffs are made up of three separate pieces comprised of two arm ruffs "Pauldrons" which attach firmly around the upper arm with custom rubber cuffs which blend seamlessly to the shoulder ruff which attaches with rubber suspenders via chap clips and "d" rings to the upper skirt. These tulle ruff pieces can be ordered and worn separately and are now offered through our new RubberLuxe accessories line. Contact us for help with sizing or for questions regarding any of the works you see. We will be happy to provide you with an easy to follow sizing guide and please note that all items are made to order unless specified as ready to wear and delivery schedules will vary for custom items. The details of delivery will be addressed when your order has been received.

C  L  I C  H  É    C  R  U  S  H  I  N  G

Ammunition  Couture

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